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Conditioning Treatments

The Milbon Deesee's Hair Treatment is part of the Linkage Meu system, which is a quick, three step process to improve the quality of the hair.

Do you need Milbon Deesee's?

  • Color: If your hair has been recently colored, Deesee's will provide you with unmatched hydration and will help you to maintain your color longer.

  • Straightening: After a Straightening Treatment, Deesee's treats the hair, making it feel softer and smoother than your hair has EVER been before.

  • Dry, Stressed or Damaged: Deesee's will make any damaged hair feel healthier and softer. Milbon Deesee's hydration technology adds shine and body without weighing your hair down.

  • Fine or Course Hair: In either case, Deesee's penetrates the hair shaft and smooths the cuticle layers. The result is hair that is beautiful, behaves and has more bounce and shine.

Ionic (ISH) Rescue is a hair care system specifically designed to repair even the most severely damaged hair from the inside out. By utilizing innovative ingredients and ionic technology, Ionic 

Rescue products are the world’s first heat boosted hair care system.

Do you need I.S.H.Rescue?

  • If your hair is severely damaged, then I.S.H is right for you. I.S.H. contains HRC (Hair Renewal Crystals) derived from the jojoba plant. Once the refined product is applied to the hair, it is heated with a flat iron or hair dryer. The heat causes the crystals to penetrate the hair-shaft, infusing extreme moisture into the hair. The result is repaired hair that is now shiny, silky and smooth once again.